Saturday, 28 January 2012

Vote for your Favorite.

Okay So the theme is Valentines Day.. Who Did the Best?






Saturday, 14 January 2012

Looking for writers...

I'm Now Looking for New Writers for 2012.

* Just a Note. You MUST post at least 2times per week. You Will Choose 2 Days of the week & make a Post Based on them, I Will make a Schedule for you so you can Remember. 

* You DO NOT need to have Experience

* You Must have the Time to Blog. 

* All Writers can Make competitions as long as they are willing to hand out the prize.

* You Will be on a Trial Period for 1 Month Before becoming an Official Writer

* You CANNOT use the Blog to Advertise

*If you DO NOT Want to post your Information in Comments then Send your Application to:
Where your information will be Kept Private. But if you are Doing that Please Comment on this Post Saying "Sent Via E-mail"

I Already have
Free Items - Real.Stargirl
Real Life Outfits - Laura_James
Real Life - Bloom_James

Could the Original Writers Please Comment Saying 2 days which you are Still able to Post. Don't Say Any day, Please Pick 2 days of the week.

I'm Looking for:
News Writer - Someone to write about things that are happening on stardoll. e.g. New Dolls, New Stores etc. Basically Anything New you think We need to know about.

Spoilers Writer - You Must Know Where to Get Spoilers from (Without using other blogs) and how to edit and Arrange the items.

The Medoll Search Writer - You Must Look out for users with unique Talent's and Then write a Post about them. * This Job is only 1 time per week

hot-buys writer - You Must Write about the hot-buys that come out. * This job is only when new hot-buys come out

Graphic Designer - Someone that can make graphics and show them in there post * This job is only 1 time per week

Make-overs - You Can Give People Makeovers if they ask for them etc. 

Why do you want to be a writer:
What 2 Days of the Week Can you Post (Unless Stated otherwise): 


Saturday, 31 December 2011

Free Beauty and The Beast Poster + Happy New Year:)

Ok, so this probably will be my last post here in 2011 so I want to make it a bit special. OK, so here is a guide on how to get a free Beauty and the Beast poster in USA (But you can use a proxy too)
OK, so if you live in the USA log in and it will be in your Suite.
If not then go to,
Log in.
Leave the proxy and go to your Suite.
The poster should be in Starplaza box in your Suite:)
Happy New Year!
Real.StarGirl XX

Friday, 30 December 2011


Hey, I know you might be wondering why the topic is bye? Well because I have quite Stardoll. I have given my account to someone else. She is SelenaGPage. her name is Becca. She has my account now. I have played Stardoll for years. It have now been 3 years. I'm 16 now and too old for Stardoll. And I have quite Stardoll that means I will have to quite posting interviews. I have quite posting from all the blogs. I will miss you guys. Bye


Thursday, 29 December 2011

Free Beauty and the Beast 3D Rose

Picture from HTGF

Log in, click HERE to create an open party. Then go to your Suite, and the rose should be in a bag in your Suite:)

Thanks HTGF and Skipper_Doll
XX Real.StarGirl