Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Skin Care

Hey ya all!!! I'm sorry that I didn't post yesterday. I'm ill and my mom was in Bulgaria on a road trip so I had to stay with my grandparents and they don't have internet so... Today I am going to write about care for your skin. Usually famous people take a bath in grape juice, not from the carton hand squeezed. You can do it yourself. Also taking a bath in coffee (i know it sounds weird) but it makes your skin as soft as baby's but. There are many more ways, like um..... taking a bath in lemonade.

So if you want beautiful and soft skin try these.

xoxo, Bloom


bracken1234 said...

Hey! Its Okay for not posting everyday if you cant a few days a Week is fine. I hope you get better soon. Wow! Never knew some of this. Great post

~ bracken1234

Ana said...

tnx and it really isn't a problem for me to post every day snd sorry i forgot to put the banner

bracken1234 said...

It's Okay if you forget, I'll put it up for you :D xx

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