Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Best new ever!

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So, i wok for the school magazine, you don't know that! Stardoll i very popular in my school so i got to interview  some of the writers for the Star blog! There like part of the Stardoll staff, but not really! Anyway, since i am putting that in the newspaper why don't i put it here too? I already got  4 answers, so i think that i will post that interview, today or tomorrow, probably tomorrow! I'm exited! Are you? So the firs Star blogger is Sabra4390! I don't know how i did it, but YAY!



Anonymous said...

Aww... you have it lucky. Only 2 people in my school play Stardoll me and my best friend.

bracken1234 said...

No-One in my School Plays Stardoll. :)

~ bracken1234

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